Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After the Whirlwind, the Still Small Voice

My last post at Chronicles might have been misleading. It would be wrong to think that the analytical psychology of Carl G. Jung is a monolithic hermeneutical instrument (the personal unconscious work is fine; the collective unconscious hypothesis is balderdash at best, demonic at worst).

In truth, C. S. Lewis grasped President I Won more inclusively in his stupendously prescient work That Hideous Strength. Think of Lord Feverstone but wayy out of his depth - a functional atheist/pragmatist who is an astute politician and practitioner of the ways of the world.

What he and his ilk - and, I might add, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran - do not factor in is a divine justice that is strictly and manifestly vouchsafed by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Men's hearts and minds are changed from within, not by the power and force of the state or the primitive sacred ("that hideous strength"). This the Christian faith knows. This is the truth that sets men free. This and this alone.

I would say, if I were given the occasion: Mr. President, "there are more things in Heaven and Earth [...] Than are dream't of in your (political) philosophy."

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