Sunday, July 27, 2008

Converting England and Us

Check out Athos' post and this article he links.

from the article:

“…if Catholic Christianity conveys in human form the divine revelation which is the greatest truth, goodness, and beauty man can know, then all the elements of truth, goodness, and beauty in the theory and practice of other forms of Christianity and indeed in other faith traditions would attain their crown in this [Catholic] context, would come to their intended fulfillment.”

Father Nichols’ description of the cultural challenges of the New Evangelization after Vatican II rings true far beyond Land’s End: our problem today is less the new atheism than the new apathy, an apathy that has grown exponentially amidst uninteresting and soggy Christianity, material wealth, and the decline of any public consensus that some things are, simply, true. Like those who will read him with appreciation here in the former colonies, Father Nichols also recognizes that the challenge of spiritual boredom in post-Christian culture cannot be met by Catholic Lite. It can only be met, and the 21st century world converted, by Catholicism in full.

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Athos said...

If any one has tried to buy a copy of Fr Nichols' book, it is deuced difficult to find. Can't wait till it is more available.