Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Comfy Homes Built on Quicksand

(Sign is part of a book cover.)

A couple excellent posts by Athos Desire, Ideology, & Victimization and
1,000 Cuts to Catholicism. I like putting things together so when I read these 2 posts I thought, wow, he is sending us a pretty clear and vital message. I can't help but think that those who wish to identify themselves Christians and yet feel that they are too busy or uncomfortable to "be church" - that is to love and serve God and one another - in this age of (post or) anti-Christianity, need a wake up call. We may simply have had it too easy. We need to drop the silly notions of 'individualism' and 'looking for our-self' and take up our calling to be 'e-persons' - that is we are ecclesial, eschatological, Eucharistic and evangelical persons. We are "persons" made in the image and likeness of the Trinity and we need to step up and claim our personhood within a Roman Catholic sacramental life.

I end with this spirited quote from Karen Hall over at Some Have Hats that I thought was appropriate. (Tip to our friend Gil Bailie from his talk in Session 8 of the Emmaus Road Initiative for the quote.)

Here's the bottom line: all of you compassionate, open-minded people are building yourselves very comfy houses on quicksand. There is only one "Ark of Hope." And dumb, archaic, illogical, legalistic, narrow-minded hate-mongering me? I'm going to be on it.

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