Friday, July 04, 2008

Churchgoing Men & Fathers

W. Bradford Wilcox opines at MercatorNet: Churchgoing men are not a hangover of the old patriarchy but a new breed who are closely connected to their families.

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David Nybakke said...

Dear Athos,

Can we underline and highlight this point (unfortunately he leaves it to the end of the article)?

"Finally, the church needs to encourage married and singles alike to see marriage as a vocation, and a difficult and exciting one at that. Single men and women need to discern if they are called to marriage, and to be more intentional about finding a good spouse if they discern a call to marriage. Married men and women need to figure out how they can best live out their calling in the midst of the joys and difficulties of ordinary life; they need to think and pray especially about what new thing they need to sacrifice for the good of their spouse. But they also need to think and pray about how they can make marriage and family life a sporting adventure for themselves, their spouse, and their children. In other words, they have to be looking for ways to breathe a bit of excitement into their marriage and family life on a regular basis."

There is a serious need to create the understanding and a place to help young people to discern their calling, their vocation in life! Instead of being ruled by mimetic entanglements with others from within families, peers and TV, we need to model lives steeped in prayer and meditation, asking God for guidance and strength to follow in Christ's path.