Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"What's in a Picture?" Ask Amy Welborn

Amy Welborn @ Charlotte was Both has a couple posts on the picture above. May I suggest you take a look them.

The first post, Necessary Conversations started a chain reaction in the blog world, which she mentions in this post, What a picture is worth..., where I found the comments at Thrown Back particularly interesting. Anyone here have any comments?

Two responses/comments I liked:

1) Romulus, who wrote of the picture:

I see a man offering a sacrifice. The man has a cross on his back.

and 2) from Amy, herself:

As I’ve said before, my big ah-ha moment over the past couple of years has been the realization that most of us - myself included - have been formed to think of the Mass as a prayer meeting. A highly structured prayer meeting, but a prayer meeting nonetheless, one which emphasizes community and who we are in the here and now, a prayer meeting which should somehow be expressive of who we are as individuals and a community.

Prayer meetings are good. But that’s not what the Mass is.


Athos said...

Here's a nice comment I found at Spirit Daily, listed as "he was praying with the people"

Athos said...

Another noteworthy observation, or series of observations, from Fr. Rob Johansen, "A Necessary Conversation" About Ideologized Liturgy [via Mark Shea].