Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Victory That Conquers the World is Our Faith

Andrew Cusack posts a stout-hearted and clear-visioned affirmation in The Victory That Conquers the World is Our Faith.

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David Nybakke said...

From Andrew and his "The Victory That Conquers the World is Our Faith":

"And so it is with the Faith (no, really!). In the past half-century there have been many who have sought to water down Christianity. Sometimes inauspicious clerics (and others) hoped that if we just dumped or ignored this or that part of Christ's teaching we would be able to win so many more souls for Christ. Sometimes it was an evil attempt to sow the seeds of doubt among the faithful. Sometimes it was an hubristic attempt by the created to overcome the Creator.

The watering down of the Faith, nonetheless, has never produced a more fruitful and more holy church."

I think that this point cannot be stressed enough - that many if not most Catholics, in general, today are watered down and therefore need exactly what Pope Benedict XVI is doing. They are wonderful people, but have been taught such a watered down version of what it means to be Catholic that they struggle with identifying themselves as truly Catholic.

It is also my belief that Pope Benedict XVI's method is the best method to set the Catholic heart a blaze for Christ, especially in this totally open world of communications that we live in today. For this teaching can be heard, even by our opponents, forever instilling the spirit of faith, hope and love that is the heart of Christ.

So, again, thank you Ath for this post.