Friday, January 18, 2008

Born of the One Light, Eden Saw Play

It was an honor and privilege to join the folk above with Dawn Eden, author of Thrill of the Chaste, this evening for a house blessing at her new digs. Monsignor Edward J. Filardi of St. Stephen Martyr (back row) did the honors, with Father M, featured blog poster at Patum Peperium ("Ex Ossibus") joining the festivities (front center). Sister Marla Marie (in habit) helped with the festivities too.

Our hostess, Maid Dawn (center, pink blouse, vivacious smile) welcomed each and all to Chez Eden, a tidy and modest one-bedroom arrangement replete with balcony ("perfect for serenading," said she) and books stacked neatly everywhere ("until the bookshelves arrive").

May God bless and keep her through the upcoming thyroidectomy (end of the month). Read, post, and bask in the warm glow of your newly blessed home, Dawn.


Anonymous said...

Athos, great to be with you last night!

Athos said...

Thank you, Father! It was a kairos moment for me, a foretaste of heaven with good fellows and ladies, sweet wine, and grace all round.