Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Peter Hitchens on Burgeoning Islam in UK

Peter (not his atheist brother) Hitchens opines on watching Britain become part of dar al-Islam.

One of the great puzzles of modern Britain is the political left's attitude to Islam.

Why should an atheist, sexual liberationist, morally relaxed liberal attack people such as me (as they do) for criticising Islam? They have nothing in common.

It is in fact quite simple.

The left will deal with any ally against conservative Britain. It thinks it can use Islam to further its ends, just as in the past it has allied itself with any anti-conservative, anti-patriotic cause that was going. But the alliance lasts only long enough to allow the Left to destroy what it doesn't like.

The trouble is, Islam is more serious and determined than any of the other people whom the left have sought to use for such purposes.

And so, while intending to dethrone Christianity and make this a secular society, the left now risks helping make this an Islamic society, which - if it comes to pass - will be profoundly hostile to everything the left wants.

These are the fruits of cynicism.

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UPDATE: Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali stands by his views - Telegraph.


Pat said...

Guys, be careful though

As someone from the UK, I have never heard Peter Hitchens speak out in favour of Christianity before.
Seems to me he is using Christianity as a stick with which to beat liberals and Muslims.
I believe that we Catholics must not think in terms of right versus left, traditional versus conservative.
In a sense we must be both, anyway.
Traditional / Conservative in our opposition to things such as abortion, homosexuality and so on. Liberal (if you like) in our support for social justice with the poor, the disabled, the vulnerable and so on, throughout the world, as well as on our doorstep.
And although we must fight the good fight (NON-violence) in terms of persuading others why Christianity is the true religion we must also do so in a way that doesn't lead to violence / unrest.
Catholics may even have to die for their faith, at times, but we must persuade others that our faith is one of peace, of civilized values - of (divine) Love.

Athos said...

Thanks, Pat, for the thoughtful comment. I have read of Peter -- not militantly atheist Christopher -- having a spot of bother with said brother. For example, this article that documents their differences. Best