Sunday, January 20, 2008

Primitive Sacred & the Gift of Faith

Mark Steyn tries his best to bring cogent logic to bear in his examination of the Canadian "human rights agents" before whose power to set the terms of discourse and levy sentences he stands accused. One forgets at one's peril that the primitive Sacred creates a mystifying aura of confusion around its victim. Steyn, try as he may, will find it nearly impossible to navigate the shoals of these waters; the influence of the Gospel in history is too far removed from the Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal for the voice of the victim to be heard for comprehension.

Gil Bailie notes in his November 2007 ”Emmaus Road Initiative” series the powerful status of the primitive Sacred today in the forms of radical Islamism and an antiseptically sterile yet murderous postmodernism. C. S. Lewis, too, tried to warn us of its "hideous strength" in his Space Trilogy.

So why, then, is the immeasurably more heinous strength of postmodern abortuary madness and radical Islamist terror not brought before such tribunals? If you begin to feel the hideous strength of the primitive Sacred, good. The effect of the Gospel and, perhaps, the gift of faith, is at work in you.

You may be discovering one of the reasons you are alive and in the world in these dark and dangerous times. My suggestion? Follow that string out of the minotaur's labyrinth of the culture of death called the primitive Sacred. If you are blessed, it will lead you into the Catholic Church. If you are really blessed, you will be led to pick up Gil Bailie's Violence Unveiled and The (René) Girard Reader -- the two most useful taxonomies of the primitive Sacred you are likely to find.

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