Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pope, Families, Peace

I'm assuming that this or or thisis what is unleashing the twisting spin a la "Pope claims gays threaten peace."

He said: "The same love that builds and maintains unity in the family, the vital building block of society, favors these relationships of solidarity and of collaboration among the peoples of the earth, who are members of the single human family."

The Pope affirmed that "there is a close relationship, therefore, among family, society and peace." Quoting his message for the World Day of Peace, he added, "Whoever, even unknowingly, circumvents the institution of the family, undermines peace in the entire community, national and international, since he weakens what is in effect the primary agency of peace."

He's saying undermining the family threatens peace, right? It seems demonstrable to me. Exhibit A: the
inner cities of the U. S.. Exhibit B: Europe.

You got weakened family structure, you get violence (where young males seek role models they haven't had in the family) or an essentially nihilistic society that can't recognize or resist violence (poor ole Europe).

(Sigh. For the days when Amy Welborn was as a rapid response resource for this kind of stuff. This will have to do for now.)


Athos said...

This reminds me of a post I saw sayiing that the fact that Israeli soldiers do not rape their captives is part of an effort to discredit those countries' soldiers who do. Or -- and you and Aramis know of whom I speak -- a fellow who disparaged the terribly violent stance of pro-lifers who defended the unborn child but "scapegoated" pro-choicers.

Affirming traditional husband/wife families is a conspiracy against alt lifestyle persons. Okayyy...

Athos said...

You fellows don't need evidence of the former instance of backa**ward reasoning, but here you go anyway. I won't belabor the latter bit about scapegoating pro-choicers.