Friday, October 09, 2009

Relationships and the Big Picture

A follow-up to the video below about Cardinal George, here is an excerpt in an interview he did with NCR on his new book, The Difference God Makes.
There are two things with which we [as Americans and as American Catholics] have a hard time: relationships, and seeing the whole thing. We’re very good at individual choices, which often separate us, and we’re very good at specializations, which also separate us. If there are lacunae in the culture that is ours, which we all have to love, it’s a lack of appreciation for relationships that you can’t un-choose and that are constitutive of your identity, and also this ability to see the whole thing, to see it as global, to get outside the national parameters that define how we look at everything, ...
Not being able to speak to Cardinal George's book, but from the 4M's perspective this little quote provides a clue into what René Girard and mimetic theory is about: relationships and coming into contact with the big picture. Check out our side panel and make it a point TODAY to learn about this man and his theory. Isn't it about time you get acclimated to the big picture?

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