Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cinematic Genocide - Y'all Come

Most of us middle-brow Girardians know the truth of Robert Hamerton-Kelly's axiom: when the sacrificial mechanism at the heart of conventional culture begins to lose its ability to bring cohesion to its denizens, both anthropologically and psychologically, that culture will usually try to surcharge its waning mechanism in one of two ways. It will either increase the number of its victims, or increase the prestige of its victims: genocide or regicide.

From my curmudgeon's perch, it is clear that modern western man is a weenie, as noted by Australian anthropologist, Peter McAllister.

Maybe he's not even a weenie; perhaps a Vienna sausage.

Unlike his swarthy Scimitar brothers who will resort sacrificially to an occasional honor killing of a female relative, or fatwa against an author or government official (Talking point: where is the culture of the Scimitar in terms of the vitality of its sacrificial mechanism?), the modern western weenie merely likes his violence on Sunday afternoons in the autumn via the National Football League, the Stanley Cup play-offs, or, occasionally by going to the movies.

Weenie-Alert: The "genocidal" cinematic attempt to surcharge the West's sacrificial mechanism is coming up soon in a theater near you. November 13th to be exact. Here comes Roland Emmerch's
mass extermination of humanity on a magical day in 2012.

And you can watch it with a tub of buttered popcorn and super-size soda. Good thing death is safely up there on the silver screen, and
it's someone else doing the dying. I'm safe. Right? Right?

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