Monday, October 26, 2009

Faith in Action

My first day on the job at Faith in Action went pretty well. I am an assistant to the office manager working part time at my local chapter in Illinois. At first glance it seems very daunting in all the efforts everyone makes - double and triple checking - to make sure no one falls through the cracks. Our chapter is only 4 years old but has grown leaps and bounds.

I continue to operate our family retail business along side my brother, however as the economy has taken all the wind out of our sails AND my calling to some sort of ministry I felt like this was the place for me to explore and take a small step out of my comfort zone.

Our chapter has 17 parishes/churches in which we draw volunteers to help folks over 60 with such things as transportation, shopping, small household/yard jobs and friendly calls/visits. Many of the Faith in Action chapters have been long established and offer numerous services - all depending on the number and skills of the volunteers. Why don't you check out your local Faith in Action and see about volunteering today - a neighbor's independence depends on you!

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