Friday, October 23, 2009

Theater of Cruelty - For the Masses

A hanger-on to Antonin Artaud's Théâtre de la Cruaut, and ignorant and disregarding of the anthropological realities of mimesis, Danish director, Lars von Trier, says his film Antichrist was made "for himself."

Yeah, right.

I'm sure he won't mind being a satanic tool used to rachet-up the new level to which progressive, Dialectic materialists will go before they begin to squirm in their seats at the movies. Especially as he deposits the monies he earns from it. Ah, Mammon ..

He is washing his hands of the mimetic effects of a movie that at Cannes had persons leaving the darkened theater physically sick to their stomachs.

What he does not know is that Antichrist will become for another generation of college students what Deep Throat was: a rite of passage in an initiation into the banality, desensitization, and dehumanization of a human being.

Still farther down the bell-shaped curve, the images of cruelty and violence will take even worse effect on those who will feel compelled to act-out what they see in von Trier's foolish depravity. Expect more bizarre crimes - those little snippets of horror that reside far from the front page of the MSM.

One might say that von Trier merely adds to the growing number of gore flicks.

Unfortunately, this "high-brow", tasteless one will add more possibilities of the theater of cruelty spilling blood on the streets - and in relationships between men and women.

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