Friday, July 17, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI undergoes surgery for fractured wrist

AOSTA, Italy - Pope Benedict XVI emerged smiling from the hospital Friday after undergoing surgery for a broken wrist due to a fall at his Alpine vacation chalet. Doctors said his right arm would be in a cast for a month.

A Vatican statement said the 82-year-old pope fell in his room overnight and despite the accident, celebrated Mass and had breakfast in the morning before going to the hospital...

The pontiff left the hospital about six hours after arriving, smiling and waving with his left arm as he climbed into his car. His right arm hung straight by his side, the cast hidden by his white vestments. (vestments are sooo cool - my comment)

When reporters asked to see the cast he pulled back the vestment and revealed his decorative cast.

Do you think? Well maybe not, but wouldn't it be interesting to get followers to submit a cast decoration that would be cool to see on the Holy Father's arm?

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D'artagnan said...

"Episcopal church undergoes surgery for a fractured body - diagnosis not good"