Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Love to Laugh

What did brilliant comedian Ed Wynn sing in Mary Poppins? Test your ability to withstand positive mimesis right here and right now. Watch these boy quads and - whatever you do - do NOT laugh with them. Hey! Heyyy! I said ... oh, forget it.


David Nybakke said...

Dear Ath,

Last night it felt like I hit bottom with trip wires, in a new dark age (with those having shrunken souls raising babies), not passing history or religion all headed toward Battling to the End: Politics, War, and Apocalypse. For those who I notice smiling and laughing all seem to have no care for reverence of sacraments or church (though they may show up once in a while). They are very flippant toward signs of moral decay, in fact they may even shrug their shoulders, laugh and say maybe it is okay...

I must admit, it is hard, right now for me, to love to laugh as I go tumbling over the trip wires of our age.

D'artagnan said...

thanks, I needed that!