Monday, September 22, 2008

No Breaka His Face

New Advent steers us toward this sage advice when someone gets in your face: from The Art of Manliness comes How To Debate Politics Like A Gentleman.


David Nybakke said...

I don't know Ath... reading this today takes me back to a time of chanting 'flower-power' & 'make-love-not-war' - a time of naiveness that was just as dangerous as "Breaka His Face".

For me this article helps us see scandal for what it is and
Girard explains the traps of scandal so well and the difficulty of removing oneself from scandal once the swirl of it gets up to speed. Without a good and thorough Girardian explanation of scandal we MANLY MEN will simply play into scandal or walk off as wimps. I believe that there is no better tool to help us understand ourselves and the other than MT and with this tool we MANLY MEN can equip ourselves appropriately with the armour of the Gospel to have rigorous civil (or religion) debates without the need to put the gloves on. I sense a lacking from the Art of Manliness where there is this notion that if we just do this or do that (on our own) we can turn ourselves into these manly men. I just don't buy into it. Maybe I am not picking up on the need for conversion...

Athos said...

I'd say the advice not to discuss religion or politics goes back a few more decades than "flower power" days, Aramis. The article's author itself talks about WWII.

What you say about mimetic realities is a given in our hypercharged days of scandal and mimetic crisis. IF one can take the barage of venom and vitriol from those who want so badly a certifiable bad-guy on whom to project their desire for a victim - IF one can, in short, "not discuss religion and politics" and get caught up in the mimetic swirl - then one shows one's ontological mooring to a different kind of Substantiality (oussia).

The "Art of Manliness" article was not sophisticated in MT, but it was good advice if one can manage it.