Monday, September 29, 2008

Kreeft - How to Win the Culture War

Kudos to Mark Shea for this find: a transcription of Peter Kreeft's How to Win the Culture War lecture:
To win any war and any kind of war, I think the three most necessary things we must know are:

that we are at war;
who our enemy is; and
what weapons or strategies can defeat him.
We cannot win a war: first, if we are blissfully sewing peace banners on the battlefield; or second, if we are too busy fighting civil wars against our allies; or, third, if we are using the wrong weapons. For instance, we must fight fire with water—not fire.

So this talk is a very basic, elementary three-point checklist to be sure we all know this minimum at least.

I assume you wouldn’t be coming to a talk entitled “How to Win the Culture War” if you thought all was well. If you are surprised to be told that our entire civilization is in crisis, I welcome you back from your nice vacation on the moon.
Read all … By the way - you may be surprised to know who exactly it is who we are fighting ... If so, join me in a a forehead-slap and a hearty, "Of course! How foolish of me."

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Tim J. said...

I managed the first half of part one... I can't wait to read the rest of this, but I'm at work.