Thursday, September 18, 2008

"More for the Poor" Appalachian Outreach

Aramis here - I would love to offer this great opportunity for everyone to share in our parish's new campaign to help some of the less fortunate, we call it: "More for the Poor" Appalachian Outreach.

Lady Aramis photographed and created these 2009 desk calendars to raise funds for this campaign. Anyone wishing to donate to this effort and receive one of these beautiful calendars (please identify between: Faith, Franciscan or Life calendars) may simply email Aramis at

The Beauty… is captured in three different 2009 Jewel Case Calendars.

1) Faith Calendars are filled with Christian quotes from the likes of Mother Teresa, CS Lewis and Bible verses.

2) Franciscan Calendars feature quotes by your favorite Franciscan Saints

3) Life Calendars are full of reflections on the beauty of life

>> Great for your desk at home or work
>> Ideal gifts for family, friends or clients
>> Perfect stocking stuffers

The Beauty… is captured in each of the 12 months. The calendars – from the photography to the printing to the selling – are done by parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Bloomington, IL as a fundraiser for a new “More for the Poor” Appalachian outreach. The money raised will go to help the poor in Appalachia - divided among our Franciscan missions at Hazard, Jackson, Harlan, and Cumberland, as well as to Fr. Beiting's mission at Louisa, KY.

We are asking for a donation of $12.50 each (this would include basic shipping in the USA).

To make a donation send an email to Aramis at . Make sure to provide contact information so I can get back to you to make all the necessary arrangements.

Please be sure to

  1. identify which calendar (Faith, Franciscan, or Life) you wish, and

  2. a phone number within your email.

ORDERS MUST BE RECIEVED BY NOVEMBER 8, 2008. So please act now!

If you do not wish to make a donation we would certainly appreciate your prayers for this outreach. It would be great to hear that you are praying for us.

Link to Lady Aramis web site HERE .

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