Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Fear of the Lord

1) By Humility and the fear of the Lord
Are riches and honor and life.
Proverbs 22:4

2) HIS HOLINESS BENEDICT XVI: To believe is not only a way of thinking or an idea; ... it is a way of acting, a manner of living. To believe means to follow the trail indicated to us by the Word of God. In addition to this fundamental act of faith, which is an existential act, a position taken for the whole of life, Mary adds another word: "His mercy is on those who fear him".

Together with the whole of Scripture, she is speaking of "fear of God". Perhaps this is a phrase with which we are not very familiar or do not like very much. But "fear of God" is not anguish; it is something quite different. As children, we are not anxious about the Father but we have fear of God, the concern not to destroy the love on which our life is based.

Fear of God is that sense of responsibility that we are bound to possess, responsibility for the portion of the world that has been entrusted to us in our lives. It is responsibility for the good administration of this portion of the world and of history, and one thus helps the just building of the world, contributing to the victory of goodness and peace.

Parish Church of St Thomas of Villanova, Castel Gandolfo Tuesday, 15 August 2006

3) - St. Francis, Admonition 27

"Where there are charity and wisdom,
there are neither fear nor ignorance.

Where there are patience and humility,
there are neither anger nor disturbance.

Where there are poverty and joy,
there are neither greed nor avarice.

Where there are rest and meditation,
there are neither anxiety nor restlessness.

Where there is fear of the Lord to guard an entrance,
there the enemy cannot have a place to enter.

Where there is a heart full of mercy and discernment,
there are neither excess nor hardness of heart."

4) Timor Domini - Saturday: The Gift of Fear of the Lord - The Gift of Fear of the Lord is the antidote to pride and the beginning of the humility by which the soul arrives at union with God.

From the Gospel reading today, Mark 9:2-13, the homily given at the parish I attend on Saturday mornings and my background with mimetic theory I realized our need for a healthy fear of the Lord. A heartfelt fear of the Lord provides us strength to not only hear the Word of the Lord, but to be His instrument in this world. The absence of a fear of the Lord will inevitably cast one into a fear of others (mimetic entanglements), and this is experienced today as a strange and twisted terror that comes with trying to be politically correct, always futile in the end. Without a fear of the Lord we hand ourselves over to any and all mimetic whims of the mob - compromising (or to trivialize) our love of God and others... Without a fear of the Lord we allow the desires of the mob to give birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death. (James 1:15b)

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