Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Behind the Times

Fr Timothy Radcliffe, OP, bemusedly jibes Richard Dawkins as being 'So 19th century.'
Referring to recent assaults on the Christian faith from philosophers, scientists and others such as AC Grayling, Christopher Hitchens and Professor Dawkins, he said: "I do not think we should be the slightest bit alarmed. It would be a great mistake to cast ourselves in the role of some persecuted group. When people criticise Christianity, we should welcome this as an opportunity to engage in debate."

He said the greatest challenge facing Christianity today was a loss of hope. "It is tempting for people to see no way forward. The two main stories the young encounter are the 'war on terror' and ecological disaster. Faced with that, they may well inclined to wonder what future they have. They wonder what future their children will have. So it is very important that as Christians, we are seen to believe in the future of humanity."

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