Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trailer = Caravan, 007 Style

You know, it's snowing outside - hard. 12"-20" predicted. How I long for those sunny, summer vacations pulling our pop-up trailer hither and yon. Perhaps you didn't know that for Brits, "trailers" are known as "caravans." Sadly, the Top Gear boys have been on a single-handed crusade to rid the roadways of England of said caravans, destroying them with wanton glee in various and sundry ways.

Okay, fair enough. They can't picture a Ferrari pulling a Coleman camper. I won't eschew their taste. Perhaps we can strike a compromise. Get the "caravan" to the campground by an unique and scenic method, AND have the hot car to drive once we get there.

The below video is a tribute to such ingenuity.

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