Friday, December 11, 2009

Riding Through Advent

A strong suggestion, all loyal and doughty men-at-arms who pledge fealty to the once and future King of kings and Lord of lords: Pick thee up a copy of Michael Ward's new book, Planet Narnia.

As Ward explicates and guides one through the planetary cosmology of C. S. Lewis - based squarely in the Christian literary tradition of the Middle Ages - one is startled by the extraordinary hermeneutical power of Lewis's use of the planets to describe the taxonomy of our age. (Hint: the West in its sub-lunary sphere is caught in Saturnine doldrums - old age, death, decay. It must up and come again under the Jovial influence of arms swinging, winter-past, sins forgiven, and hearts' ease.)

One needn't muddy Lewis's interpretation with mimetic theory. You will see what I mean.

Meanwhile, ride on, readers of the Mass'keteers! Ride on through Advent to the birth of our rightful King.

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