Thursday, December 24, 2009

To understand This Love born unto us - which goes beyond our knowledge - we must comtemplate our violence

"...we have to think of Christianity as essentially historical, ... Solomon's judgment explains everything on this score: there is the sacrifice of the other, and self-sacrifice; archaic sacrifice and Christian sacrifice. However, it is all sacrifice. We are immersed in mimetism and have to find a way around the pitfalls of our desire, which is always desire for what the other possesses. I repeat, absolute knowledge is not possible. We are forced to remain at the heart of history and to act at the heart of violence because we are always gaining a better understanding of its mechanisms." pg 35, Battling to the End by René Girad

Listen and watch below and then reread René - at the heart of Father Barron's message is the explanation of the expulsion of the Other - violence.

To begin to grasp The Love that is freely given we must tear down our defenses, our violence which is always expelling the other. Violence, our violence is what This Love comes to heal.

Read René!

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