Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gnostic American Reformation

You've probably seen it elsewhere, but here is Robert Samuelson's "A Parody of Leadership," a scathing indictment of not only the boondoggle of "health care reform" replete with taxpayer-supported abortuarial "health services" for women, but the leadership of our commander-in-chief.

While the liberal-elite's holy grail is "universal coverage," the bill will fall short of this, by Samuelson's estimation, and a great deal more besides.

The question is: why? Why the rush, why the clandestine still-of-the-night votes, the hundreds of millions of dollars to buy votes, the reckless idiocy?

Let's stop to think a moment of where our president came from. Has he ever worked in the private sector (does the university setting count? you choose), managed a business, worked beyond politics, paid employees and allotted benefits to them?

He's a sharp fellow, brilliant mind, shrewd politician. But all he knows is hand-me-downs the likes of which he is now working pall mall to provide for every American citizen.

It's a pipe dream. (Look how well it worked in Detroit.) It is a denial of the realities of human nature and anthropology. It is an affirmation of romantic Gnosticism and every absurdity of "let's all just hold hands and get along" ideology-driven secularism known to-date.

America. It's just about too late. Wake up.

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