Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank goodness Thanksgiving Day is over & we can get back to our worship

Driving to mass early this morning I was met with throngs of cars jamming the byways all leading to the big-box stores. It gives you wonder... no, it is not wonder anymore for the reality of what really matters to the vast majority of us is plain as the fight at the head of the line to get in the store first. Viewing our (as a 'mob' or 'public') actions through the lens of mimetic theory one begins to realize the power of mimetic contagion.

The Muppet's sing this song in such a way as it seems a match for Black Friday... from Animal morning Mama and Dada as they have left him alone so they can shop big box store... to Miss Piggy summing up our passion, "nothing really matters, nothing really matters, but ... anyway the wind blows..."

Happy day AFTER turkey day (or another way of describing the day - thank goodness Thanksgiving day 1s over and we can get on with what we love).

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