Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doctor Knows Best

Here is a man worth listening to, Dr. Tom Coburn:

Tom Coburn is a Southern Baptist deacon, a family man married to a former Miss Oklahoma, a white-coated physician back in Muskogee who has delivered more than 4,000 babies and sees patients free of charge every Monday.

But there's a darker side of the story, something that Coburn, a Marcus Welby type in ostrich-skin boots, confesses is his less honorable side.

He's a member of the United States Senate.

"I would fire us all," Coburn says, blasting Congress, as he does every chance he gets, as a place populated by people who don't do a whole lot to make the country a better place.

"I don't get my identity from being a senator," said Coburn, 61, a Republican. "I may get some of it from being a doctor . . . a real honorable profession...

"The ground is shaking," Coburn said on a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday, warning that America was at a "rendezvous" moment, sagging under trillions in debt.

It is Congress, he said, that is steering the American ship toward the disastrous shoals ...

"The country would be much better off if they kept us at home and not let us vote on anything."

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Rebecca Frech said...

Those of us in Oklahoma are extremely proud of our Senator and the way he has represented us in the House and now the Senate.