Thursday, November 05, 2009

Don't Take Every Assignment

Forgive me, but prior to my diagnosis of kidney cancer - an opportunity that my brother-in-arms, Aramis, here at the 4Ms experienced five years before me - I wrote many a thing like this. Preached them, too, I'll be bound, from a Protestant pulpit and at many a funeral. The, "Ah yes, the Christian faith says death is swallowed up in victory thanks to Saint Paul sort of thing. Hallelujah and right on, brother."

It is like a Vietnam vet friend of mine who told me once that bravery isn't being fearless in the face of live rounds. (He had buddies die, literally, on the left and on the right of him.) The guy who doesn't feel fear doesn't have the right circuitry. Bravery is feeling the fear and doing the right thing, anyway.

Anyone who denies this is a liar and the truth is not in him.

Allow me to say that it is several existential levels away from having your internal organs removed and having the joys of chemotherapy. This isn't resentment. It is merely saying that because one has a favorable reputation for writing in some areas of Catholic truth, one shouldn't assume that one's prowess and wisdom extends into all other areas; particularly when our old friend Mort comes calling up close and personal.

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