Saturday, November 14, 2009

Root Cause Fallacy

1986 Time article describing Root Cause Fallacy - term used by Ibn Warraq in THIS previous post.

The Root Cause is always a regurgitation of the violence from our fallen human state that the Middle East mirrors back at us in its ever-so-terrorizing reality. 2 powerful fuels that compound the Root Cause is our adaptation to the very powerful myth that denies our participation in the Root Cause violence breeding "the anti-Western, antimodern, antisecularist movement" and its double, a sentiment that is "anti-Western, but modern and secular, and is thus often at war with Islamic fundamentalism."

René Girard sums up the situation in this quote:
“What is frightening is the conjunction of massive technical power and the spiritual surrender to nihilism. A panic-stricken refusal to glance, even furtively, in the only direction where meaning could still be found dominates our intellectual life.”
I guess I am one who feels that trying to get at this Root Cause without intentional evangelizing and conversion to the Triune God will get deflected by harden hearts and deepen the Root Cause Fallacy. In efforts to shed light by a knowledge not steeped in the Christian Faith, a knowledge that is today our default knowledge due to our culture's embrace of the anti-Christian 'dumbing down' relativism, will inevitably lead one further into the spinning vortex of mass confusion, distraction and violence.

René Girard can be instrumental in helping to grasp Root Cause and therefore help one stand firm and not get thrown into the Root Cause Fallacy.

As Athos put it so wisely in a previous post: Girard's mimetic theory is the hermeneutic for understanding human violence par excellence. It is a shame that it is cast into the "blanket of silence" of Western rationalism where men walk on it and do not know what treasure they unwittingly reject.

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