Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catholic Culture

The more I let current events sink in, the more that I think we have much to learn from the English 'reformation' (or ’penal times’ as E. Waugh put in the words of his character, Ambrose Goodall). A fine article by Phil Lawler (kudos to Sean at Blue Boar) offers an inspiring place to begin as Catholics in a militantly hopeful age of the culture of death:

Shortly after the US presidential elections I wrote a column in this space lamenting the failure of Catholic Americans to join in a strong political bloc supporting a culture of life. Many readers responded enthusiastically to that column, and especially to these words:

To repair the damage, we must recognize that the problem is not restricted to abortion, nor to defense-of-life issues. Indeed it is not, strictly speaking, a political problem. To restore the integrity of the Catholic vote, we must first restore the integrity of the Catholic faith, and rebuild the foundations of a Catholic culture.

What can we do, you and I, to restore our Christian culture and protect our Catholic faith?

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