Monday, January 19, 2009

Called to Communion remedies

Called to Communion remedies the dis-ease Atho speaks about in his post on the popular Shacking up book.

He who loves desires to know. Therefore true love of Christ also expresses itself in the wish to know him ever better and to know everything that pertains to him. If love of Christ necessarily becomes love of man, it follows that education in Christ must include education in the natural virtues of humanity. If loving Christ implies getting to know him, it follows that the willingness to undertake committed and careful study is a sign of the seriousness of one's vocation and the earnest inward search for intimacy with him. Training in faith is training in true humanity. It is also to learn the reason of faith. Because Christ is never alone but came in order to unite the world in his Body, love for the Church becomes an additional component:
we do not seek a Christ whom we have invented, for only in the real communion of the Church do we encounter the real Christ.
And once again the depth and seriousness of one's relation to the Lord himself is revealed in the ready willingness to love the Church, to live together with her to serve Christ in her. - p 130

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