Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today’s grace: Rene Girard & Gil Bailie

Today Mark Gordon at his blog, Suicide of the West, has a nice reflection on Rene Girard and Gil Bailie and the Anthropology of the Cross.
He concludes with the following comment: I believe this discovery is the key to reintroducing Christianity to postmodern Western civilization. Best of all, I have found that on a personal level the further one drills into the implications of Girardian theory, the deeper one’s appreciation grows for the truth of the orthodox Christian faith. As you begin this journey, “Be not afraid!” The work of Girard-Bailie is a profound escort into the anthropological heart of the Gospel, the bosom of the Church and the Mystery of Jesus Christ.

We 3 Massketeers proudly raise are pens high and heartily agree with Mark and salute Rene Girard and Gil Bailie.


Athos said...

Amen to all the above.

All 4 1 & 1 4 all.

What ho and anon!

Athos said...

Now, Aramis, I don't quite understand why the title of your post is a link to Suicideofthewest. If we want to refer to it in the future, it will take us to Mark's blog rather than to this article?

Porthos said...

Either Aramis fixed it, or you were not correct, Ath. The link is to the article not the blog. But just in case.


Athos said...

When I click on the title I still go for a magic carpet ride over to Suicideofthewest.

Porthos said...

Oh, now I see what you were saying. I thought you were saying that when you click the link you get the main whossit instead of the Postit and that you need to put the whatchamacallit and . . . oh, never mind!