Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Prayers Go Out +

The Three Massketeers' prayers rise up and our hearts go out to the families of the victims of the tragic shooting spree on the campus of Virginia Tech University, Blackburg, Virginia. May the victims rest in peace. May all of us know that suffering does have meaning, and we can and should offer it up for the good of all souls, especially the soul least prayed for in Purgatory.

In the Mercy. +

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Athos said...

From The Dionysus Mandate, a portion of a conversation between the leader and disciple involved with reinstituting human sacrifice as a violence reduction mechanism, Helmut Praetorius and Lucent Neesam:

"...The old gods still want blood!"

“9-11-01 and the ‘liberation’ of the Middle East in the early twenty-first century galvanized public sentiment for a time. But then American cities began to resemble Beirut and Sarayevo because of American terrorists from their own heartland: public schools and municipal buildings with bunkers, and, finally, a bloodbath on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial itself. Dionysus became a mandate of the people.

“The Dionysus Mechanism will become the ‘transcendent signifier’ of the philosophers, Lucent. It will even replace the idiotic crosses, crescent moons and stars of David still hanging from so many imbeciles’ necks today.”

The ad hoc "priest" like the shooter at VTU does not realize the mantle he took upon himself. The Old Testament prophets and mimetic theory do. The Christian faith faces more pagan expressions like this shooting. BTW, I do not advocate restarting human sacrifice in The Dionysus Mandate. But I would not be surprised to see it take place by powerful pragmatists, either consciously or unconsciously.