Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tom Barnett & New Map

Over at the GA blog, they link this (still ongoing) Hugh Hewitt interview series with Tom Barnett. SIx interview sessions, each about 30 minutes of audio. One can learn a lot about the world from Barnett (agree or disagree), though the place of politics and global strategy in the Massketeer menu is a little ambiguous--we are all three of somewhat different views.

I think that the big debate is essentially between Steyn (America Alone) and Barnett (America Unique but Not so Totally Alone as All That). For reference, Barnett is a Catholic-bred, Wisonsin Democrat who voted for Kerry in 04 (according to interview six)--a Democrat (if forced to identify) of the old Hubert Humprey or Scoop Jackson school. I would like to think that Barnett is right, just because he's more optimistic than Steyn, and the world from where I am looks a bit more like Barnett's, but Steyn is a culture warrior and Barnett is a free-market growther.

I link, you decide.

Session 7.

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