Friday, February 09, 2007

Our Lady of Lourdes

Just a friendly reminder. The Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes is Sunday, February 11.

Our Lady of Lourdes is special to myself and my family in a lot of ways. The movie Song of Bernadette (which I love but which you Massketeers might find a bit corny) touched the areligious Lady Porthos, and tweaked a devotional switch in her which I cannot really understand; but that devotion, in turn, touched off lots of quirky and subtle and mysterious graces--also rather beyond my comprehension.

There's going to be another movie, Bernadette, on EWTN. If I can get my inner International clock tuned right (that is, more than twice a day) I'll try to catch it. Below are the times listed at EWTN's site (Eastern Time).

Feb 10,  8:00pm
Feb 11, 2am
Feb 15, 1pm

To stream EWTN, go to and pull down the multimedia menu to "Live TV - English."


Athos said...

I own a DVD copy. It's not corny to me, Porthos, verily!

Athos said...

BTW, Porthos, I never even glanced at EWTN's live TV streaming before your suggestion. I am looking forward to the Bernadette showing this p.m. Much obliged!

Porthos said...

Great! Have you got the Realplayer or Windows Media capabilities? You better get that squared away first. (You can download that stuff for free.)

Porthos said...

Well, I loved it. But I've got a real big soft spot for Bernadette.

It was more accurate historically than the Jennifer Jones movie, which I also loved.

I recommend Ruth Harris Lourdes: Body and Spirit in the Secular Age for an accurate and balanced secular history of Lourdes and Lourdes devotions.