Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Four Months on

Our first post was Nov. 6. That's four months of Massketeering!

(And four weeks w/out cigarettes.)

Whither the Massketeers?


Porthos said...

And you probably didn't know Massketeer could be a verb. But it can!

Athos said...

And they strove manfully and Massketeeringly onward! (Adv.)

All their writing, all their toils and labours, all their very beings were amateurish and Massketeerish. (Adj.)

Aramis, Porthos, and Athos, the Massketeers three, strode into the future of God's inbreaking Kingdom. (appositive)

What ho!

Porthos said...

Bam, bam, bam OUCH! Oh, Massketeer! (Excl.) I just banged my thumb!

All bloggers are amateurish, by Massketeer (Expl.)! It's just that some are more equally amateurish than others.

Porthos said...

Nice Flannery O'Connor piece in the NY Times linked over at Godspy. Maybe Ath has seen this already.

Athos said...

Aramis, Porthos, and Athos are the Massketeers! (subject complement)

Take the Massketeers. Please! (D. O.)

Give the Massketeers some blades, song, and literary allusions! (I. O.)

I'll stop now before Aramis gets fed up ...

Athos said...

Amy Welborn mentioned the Flannery O'Connor piece and posted it before it even came out in the Sunday NYT Magazine, but I looked it over in the paper form.

Somehow I think O'Connor would find it funny that people would make pilgrimages to her old chicken farm trying to find ontological substantiation in so doing.

Porthos said...

The thought ocurred to me, too, Ath! Yet the writer of that particular travelogue has a pretty good sacramental antenna, I think.

I must say, I'm not back to the point of keeping up with other blogs, so sorry if I'm repeating well canvassed info and links!