Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Hot Sand of Deprivation"

There was such a great picture up at EWTN (above), and it fit so well with Fr. Phil's homily, posted previously, that I thought I ought to capture the picture before it disappears . . .

"Lent is not about avoiding temptation. Lent is about walking the hot sand of deprivation so that what tempts you worms its way to the surface. Discomforted, what tempts you selfishly proclaims its own praise, shouts it own name. Not yours. And then you know the truth: you are not your sin; you aren’t even the sum total of all your sins! Yes, you’ve fallen, given in, even welcomed Rebellion and Disobedience into your life. Praise God then that Lent is about clearing the wreck of your worldly life so that He Who moves you at your core, rises, speaks His name with authority, claims your soul, and makes your life among the things of this world a tireless prayer, a breathless hymn, and an inexhaustible fiat! This is more than a mere reminder of who’s in charge of your Christian life; it is a renewal of the bond of affection between Father and child, the rediscovery of an unshakable peace and infallible grace."
Fr. Philip N. Powell, OP

PS Can you tell a lot about a person from his or her Amazon wish list? Here is Fr. Phil's.

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