Monday, October 20, 2008

The Rosary is a School of Contemplation and of Silence - Pope Benedict XVI

Truth Goodness 'n Beauty is the Rosary.

tip to Father Mark at Vultus Christi translating the Holy Father's address at Pompei.

Contemplation and Silence

The Rosary is a school of contemplation and of silence. At a first glance, it may seem like a prayer that accumulates words, one that it is difficult to reconcile with the silence rightly required for meditation and contemplation. In reality, the cadenced repetition of the Ave Maria does not disturb interior silence; on the contrary it calls it forth and sustains it.

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Athos said...

As Patrick Archbold over at Creative Minority Report says, Let's get it close and maybe, just maybe we will find out that Obama has been over-polling once again. In the meantime, let's wear out some rosary beads.

But I must say, you set the bar high for The Dionysus Mandate in Gil's combox, Aramis. I promise the 2nd edition will be more timely (and have fewer typos, grammatical errors, etc.).