Thursday, October 09, 2008

Enough of This 'Devout Catholic' Thing

Catholic Exchange explains:
If you are not Catholic, and you are trying to sell yourself to Catholics, simply describe as “devout” any supporter of yours who is a carbon-based life form with a pulse that shows up in Mass now and then because, well, that’s the AP style manual term for “Catholics who have been to Mass sometime in the past couple of years who support abortion, gay marriage, and like to talk about being green.”

Truth be told, the Culture of Death has done a stunningly good (sic) job of shutting down discourse on abortion and other satanic, de rigueur events enervating the remnants of Christendom during this presidential campaign season. The supporters of at least one of the candidates think that if he flatulates, it's Mozart.

It isn't "leftist" or "rightist" agendas we are struggling against. Humans succumbed to "luciferian logic" are under the influence of forces far greater than puny human reason, regardless of PhDs, etc. The blinders of such conventional reasoning literally turn a blind eye to the sacrificial elements involved ('abortion and other satanic events' above) ipso facto. Of course - it is part of conventional human culture whose origin is directly linked to the primitive sacred. Our enemies are legion.

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