Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Benson, Ham, Bailie & Chivalry

Two young conservative journalists not bowled over by the Big O juggernaut and who want John McCain to win the election do a great service in compiling The comprehensive argument against Barack Obama.

Please note in the first video clip featured in the above: Obama is on the record regarding the first thing he'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Gil Bailie has noted:
The Freedom of Choice Act would Eliminate:

• State abortion reporting requirements in ALL 50 states
It would render null and void:
• Laws in 44 states requiring parental notification when minors request abortions
• Laws in 40 states laws restricting late-term abortions
• Laws in 46 states providing conscience protection for individual health care providers
• Laws in 27 states providing conscience protection for institutions
• Laws in 38 states banning partial-birth abortions

The bill would abolish all restrictions on government funding for abortions. Once signed into law, therefore – as the Democratic nominee for president has promised to do – all restrictions on abortions would be eliminated and they would be funded by taxpayers, like it or not. Doctors and nurses would risk losing their jobs if they refuse to cooperate.

But there’s more: The Born Alive Infant Protection Act – which would require medical personnel to provide medical care to children who survive an attempted abortion – passed unanimously in the U.S. Senate – all the pro-abortion politicians voting for it. But the Democratic nominee for President, then a state legislator, led the fight against an identical bill in the Illinois legislature.

[ ... ]

When the Rip Van Winkles awaken and rub their eyes, they will find that their children and grandchildren are being taught in public schools that the deeply held moral principles of their parents are not only wrong but morally odious and socially hateful – a hint of what’s to come as the modern intermission in the world’s persecution of the Church draws to a close and Christian faith will be once again entail social opprobrium, legal and financial hardship and more.

If the voters elect the presidential candidate who has made his radical commitment to the culture of death unmistakably clear and his acquiescence in the demise of traditional marriage as clear as political expedience allows – the moral blame will fall very largely on two groups: American journalists and American Catholics. History will judge the former for professional negligence, but the latter will be judged morally and more harshly when the whole sordid episode of abortion becomes as clear in hindsight as the Nazi Holocaust is today. The past is prologue. God and posterity will hold us accountable.
KEEP praying. KEEP working. KEEP trusting. This work is about saving the children, our marriages, our families - all the basics of God's Natural Laws against a culture of death and unconscious, ignorant neopaganism.

Our work is that of chivalry. Keep at it, with faith, hope, and charity. In Christ's grace and by his Sacraments sing and work and pray to your last breath.

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