Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mamet - No Longer a Spanish Prisoner

Here is news for rejoicing: David Mamet, a favorite playwright, explains ‘Why I Am No Longer a 'Brain-Dead Liberal' [h/t: The Anchoress]. I'd always hoped the writer of The Spanish Prisoner, with a break-through performances by Campbell Scott (son of George C.) as the statue and Steve Martin (yes, that Steve Martin) as his pigeon, would see through the wiles of progressive modernism. Huzzah, I say, and bully.


David Nybakke said...

A lot of good reasoning here. Thank you Ath for this post - now if only we could get David Mamet into one of Gil Bailie's ERI sessions to round out his understanding of the human condition.

As part of the mission of ERI is to help people understand religion's role in the human condition - as religion is the underpinning of the "person" and culture - and therefore it is a must that we come to terms with it. We can do that here in the West because of the Judeo-Christian influence. This then becomes an important task to help (as the ERI mission concludes with) "remind others of the cultural indispensability of Western civilization’s religious patrimony."

I so completely relate to Mamet's waking from the hangover of brain-dead liberalism, but it would be the conservative's false sense of righteousness to trivialize the religious significance in the day-to-day human condition.

Athos said...

Too right, brother Aramis. If the left needs to remember the warning of Cadmus in THE BACCHAE, the right needs to heed the warning of Pentheus.