Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Thursday

Flannery O’Connor was getting an award in New York one time and she had to get all gussied-up from her farm in Georgia to go to this award banquet. It was all literary and religious people sitting around eating dinner, there was a conversation going on at her table about theological symbolism of the Eucharist, and Flannery O’Connor is just eating away not saying anything. After a while her silence became obvious and so one of the people who was particularly lively in the conversation turned to her and said to her, “Ms O’Connor, what do you think about the symbolism of the Eucharist?” She glared over the top of her glasses and said “If it is just a symbol, the hell with it.”

It is very important to remember Jesus didn’t say, ‘take this and figure it out.’ He said, ‘take it and eat it.’ There is a huge mystery in the Eucharist, but it is I think, the mystery of our induction into the body of Christ - into the communion of saints – into the work of Christ in history.

From Entering the Biblical Story at the Eucharistic Table
A talk given by Gil Bailie


Unknown said...

My son is high functioning autistic. I have heard him say more than once, and I have heard from other people with autism that Catholicims just makes sense.

To him The Eucharist is logical first, it doesn't take emotion to enter into the mystery. Do what Jesus said and you are in. (his words) What part of unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you cannot have life within you is unclear to them. (again his words) and the final one

This is my body. (duh)

I love my son.

Athos said...

He is a blessed son. Thanks for your witness, and his.