Monday, March 24, 2008

Jesus Has Risen -- but the eye hasn't

Okay, so I let the scourging get a little out of hand this past Friday...

Just to let you all know that Aramis has been struggling a bit with anything to do with computer work (no postings lately)... "Now the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey would declare.

Though we cautioned our parish priest ahead of the performance, he had not seen my eye in person. Just before Good Friday I had developed a really bad infection behind the eye lid and it quickly spread. In the play my back is to the congregation until midway, after the scourging and laying on of the crown of thorns. So when the crucial moment to turn and face the people came, just in time to listen to the mob yell out, "CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM!" I was just praying that the Holy Spirit would be able to finish my lines, for I knew that I alone was not going to be strong enough.

Afterwards, our priest (and everyone we talked to) congratulated all involved in the performance and said that I was meant, even with the cold that had settled in the eye, to play this part. God even uses colds when He needs to get our attention.

The picture here is actually from yesterday (Easter Sunday) and the eye is quite a bit better than what it was on Good Friday. Today I am able to open the lid slightly, without using fingers to help, so posting will still be very sparse, at least from me.

Thank you Athos for the many brilliant posts this Passion Week - first class, my fellow Mass'keteer.


Athos said...

Boy oh boy, the lengths some actors won't go to for realism! I hope you "offered it up," brother Aramis!

Gil Bailie said...

God has a way of putting our afflictions to good use.
God bless you.
Gil Bailie

Porthos said...

Method acting meets Passion Play meets Willie Nelson. Welcome back to the land of the living!