Saturday, March 19, 2011

Do this in memory of me

Do you ever wonder why are we here? As we have entered this blessed time of Lent let me offer a couple reflections on memory...

The Greek word for truth, aletheia, is a negated from of the verb translated "to forget"; knowing the truth means to stop forgetting.

Robert Louis Wilken wrote: Religion does not exist without culture and culture is a carrier of religion... Without memory a people have no sense of who they are. ...if a society loses all memory of its Christian traditions, there is a real question whether those things that make western civilization unique, e.g. human rights, freedom of religion, will endure.

Mary Regina Morrell writes:  “Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.” ~ Corrie ten Boom ... We live in an age that embraces the maxim, “Have it your way!” - our houses, our cars, our meals, our jobs, our clothes, and even our memories, are subject to manipulation until they are exactly as we feel they should be.

Maybe we should be more conscious of those things that steal away our memory.  What steals your memory away?

A memory exercise - consider the root of things. True is derived from the same root (deru-) that gave rise to "troth," "truth," "trust," and "true" in English.

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