Wednesday, May 20, 2009

O Name of Jesus

“0 glorious Name! Gracious Name! Name full of love and virtue!Through You, sins are forgiven, enemies overcome, the sick healed, and sufferers strengthened in adversity! You are the honor of believers, the Master of preachers, the comfort of those who toil, the support of the weak. Holy desires are nourished by the ardor of Your fire; and by it, necessary suffrages are obtained, contemplative souls are inebriated, and the triumphant are glorified in heavenly glory! By Your most Holy Name, 0 sweet Jesus, You make us reign with the Blessed, You, their glory, You who triumph gloriously with the Father and the Holy Spirit, in perfect Unity and Trinity, forever and ever.
O Name of Jesus, exalted above every other Name! O triumphant Name! 0 joy of Angels! 0 terror of hell! All hope of pardon, of grace and of glory is found in You! O sweetest Name, You pardon the guilty, You reform evil habits, You fill the timid with divine sweetness and drive away terrifying visions! 0 glorious Name! By You, the mysteries of eternal life are revealed, souls are inflamed with divine love, strengthened in time of struggle, and freed from all dangers. 0 desirable Name! Delightful Name! Admirable Name! Venerable Name! Little by little You raise the souls of the faithful by Your gifts and graces to the heights of heaven. All to whom You communicate Your ineffable grandeur, by Your power attain to salvation and glory!”

(St. Bernardine of Siena - Feast day May 20).

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Athos said...

Magnificent, Aramis. I can recall from my childhood seeing St Bernardine's 'IHS' in church after Protestant church. Somehow it slipped through the cracks of acceptability.

Now I look at his 'IHS' as though it were a bread crumb - one of many - that led me into Mother Church's arms. Cheers