Monday, May 18, 2009

Keeping the Flame Alive

There is a certain symmetry to this and this and this.

UPDATE: Fr Ralph McInerny comments in A House Divided.

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David Nybakke said...

Ath, I don't have any trouble asking for your help here. I feel I need some guidance.

This stupid issue that people think is all about I Wun VS. ND when in fact it is about OUR faith (not his)! Our house divided is our faith - the one in which we pray daily in the Eucharistic prayer for unity.

We truly are a house divided and this is all that I Wun mirrors back at us. It seems to me that each side of our house divided point towards I Wun to avoid the tough reality of rapairing our house divided. Am I wrong here?

I agree with Gil that it does all boil down to THIS but where is there an indication that within we are striving toward Christ and unity. Where is the effort being made within toward reconciliation, right teaching, and obedience? As in the Gospel reading this morning we have been convicted yet we stand divided pointing fingers at one another.

"Consequently the fundamental line of separation between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the princes of this world does not run primarily between groups of people, ... What we have is not one part standing as sons & daughters of God over against the other part as sons & daughters of darkness... The great dividing line runs rather through individual people themselves. As a responsible doer of sin each one is an enemy of Christ, AND as victim of evil each one is within the domain of his redeeming power." Jesus in the Drama of Salvation - Raymund SchwagerI live (and have lived) on either side of this dividing line and feel deeply wounded by it.

What is to become of our house and our faith divided?