Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

There is a growing multitude of attacks on the Holy Father and Catholic truth. As such, they attempt to draw us away from faith and hope and charity. Note them; but do not let them tempt you either to despair or frenetic distraction.

Damien Thompson notes the full frontal attack by such progressivist (read: let's continue the social meltdown) news organs as Time. Why not? Today is Let's Celebrate I Won's Trip to Notre Dame Sunday.

Meanwhile, the WaPo mounts the scaffolds to shout that Gay-Marriage Issue Awaits Court Pick Same-Sex Unions Supplant Abortion As Social Priority for Conservatives ... just as a poll is released that more Americans are pro-life than pro-choice for the first time.

Ah, what a glorious day to go to Mass and celebrate Our Lord's victory over the world and it satanic prince.

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