Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Important read at Chronicles of Atlantis

Our Dear & Wiser Athos has linked a very important article over at Chronicles of Atlantis. Go to it now.

Sorry about being behind but I am battling "what is going around" but on a couple levels up. It has left me weak and now hurting from the coughing attacks. Hopefully the super-charged coughing repressant that doc prescribed for me yesterday will enable me to sleep, for sleep I have not had for about 3 nights.


David Nybakke said...

Stupid me, of course all reads at Chronicles are important.

Athos said...

To paraphrase Orwell, some reads are more important than others. I agree that Magister's observations on the talks given by the Holy Father are up there!

David Nybakke said...

Dear Ath,

Amy Welborn sums up my thoughts pretty well here.

"... the dual experience of immersing myself in B16’s words and engaging in various church-related activities and events over the past week is that he is wasted on us.

That is, Benedict is relentless in his call for us to focus on Christ. He constantly takes in the ways of the world, diagnoses our ills with precision, reminds us of who we are and “proposes Christ.” Just as relentlessly, he calls on the Body of Christ to get with it, to love fearlessly, to embrace the “adventure” (a favorite word of his) of witnessing to the joy of friendship with Jesus and to be courageous in assessing its own sins and weaknesses, for the sake of a more powerful, merciful witness to a wandering, hurting world.

And we drone on about committees.

And gauge how Jesus will fit in with our lifestyle.

You commented, "that Magister's observations on the talks given by the Holy Father are up there!"

My concern is that we, wanting the comforts of "our" lifestyle, just file 'talks' in some file cabinet along with all the other 'talks' (from childish ramblings, maybe like mine, to very good talks but talks pointing us at ... anything...)

The Holy Father is so constant and focused on Christ. Maybe we just would rather treat him as a 'talking' head if you will, than to allow his use of the Living Word to penetrate our souls disturbing our lifestyle?