Thursday, November 15, 2007

Arts & Letters: Socceratese Routs Germany

Anchoress links to a fascinatingphilosophical engagement over at the Deacon's Bench.


Athos said...

No, no, no, too good. Here I am trying to look professional and teacherly all red in the face and stifling laughter behind my computer monitor. One or two students know something is up, and I'm going to blat out a guffaw any second. Curse you, Porthos! O gawd, that's funny!

Porthos said...

Teach YOU to browse & work!

Don't let it happen again.

David Nybakke said...

Thank you Porthos. You guys can't imagine, but these couple posts: this one and Athos' "If You're Not Baroque, You Have Monet" are just what the doctor ordered.