Friday, November 02, 2007

Alternative Narnia

While I have for years, personally been trying to prepare/warn parents about Philip Pullman and his agenda to rob the joy from their kids, it seems only now that the movie is almost out that anyone is willing to do anything. Golden Compass comes out on the anniversary of a day that will go down in infamy (I can't help but think Mr. Pullman is having a bit of an evil laugh on that one), and folks are finally starting to ask what they can do.

Well, instead of bashing Mr. Pullman (although his anti-Christian slant would have you believe his head has already suffered a bit of a bashing), my recommendation is to promote a Narnia, or Christian children's weekend (MacDonald, Lewis, Ryle, L'engle, . . .even Veggie Tales) at your parish or school. Whining about Golden Compass will only make more of the foolish wish to see it, and than help to assure a sequel; so let's in turn just promote all the amazing material (instead of "His Dark Material") that Christians have been writing for years.

Show the Narnia film/BBC, or have a George MacDonald storyteller night; maybe create a little Narnia in your parish with your own Aslan.

Let's be proactive about this, and save the whine and cheese for DaVinci Code II (o:


Athos said...

Superb suggestion, D'art. I second the motion, er, precognitively. For older honorary Narnia/Middle Earth lads and lasses, one should really delve into Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien, which traces the writing, editing, publishing hassles, etc. the great man had to endure. (If we cross paths, D'art, I actually have an extra copy I'd be glad to pass along to you). Also, I've just started the posthumous Children of Hurin that his son shloshed together. All good ways to turn our collective back on Pullman. Compass, Henry Karlson says, is getting atrocious reviews. Good.

Athos said...

BTW, if anyone is interested, I put up a Youtube clip from Lewis' Silver Chair at Chronicles. It's Puddleglum's victory over the witch's (and Philip Pullman's) atheism. A real tada! moment. Cheers